Saturday, June 6, 2009

Piercing The Body Should Be Cleaned Once-New Tattoo Flower

Piercing The Body Should Be Cleaned Once-New Tattoo Flower
Piercing the body should be cleaned once or twice a day, every day, during the healing. Most people clean the piercing the morning and / or night, with a shower. Do not clean the labih of the recommended amount as this can cause irritation in your piercing, and can slow the healing process anada, If you only clean once a day, should be done before bed. The optimal frequency depends also on the skin sensitivity, activity level, and environmental factors.

Before the piercing clean, always wash your hands with anti bacterial soap and hot water. If necessary you can even wear latex gloves are used only once and / or use hand gel. Never touch the piercing with dirty hands. This is vital in avoiding infection.

Prepare the area to be cleaned with swim or iar with warm and make sure that you remove scaling - scaling set by using the cotton bud and warm water. Do not ever pick it up using the claw.!

Application a little liquid detergent to the piercing with clean hands. Clean the piercing area with clean hands. Clean the area piercing and antingnya, then slowly turn your earrings so that cleaning solution can be worked earlier in the hole earrings. (You do not need to play your earrings in the process of cleaning some of the first).
Let the cleaning solution is in the piercing all you for some time. Then you can bathe with the normal, never apply the or deliberately cleaning solution in addition to your local piercing.

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